Watching For The Plot

Hello! You may know me as Wakarimasensei from Reddit or Discord. I’m also the author of Aerosol Days (a web serial you’ve never read) and co-author of Menagerie (a half-finished fanfiction-ish novel you’ve also never read). This is my blog, Watching for the Plot, where I write about whatever I want.

As of WftP’s inception, this will be the main place I write analysis and theories in. My main topics are music, D&D, video games, and writing, although I’ll almost certainly branch out. There’s also my terrible pixel art and image manipulation skills on show, because I am not good with computers plz help.

I started by copy-pasting my old posts on Reddit, so you can find all of my prior stuff here. Nowadays when I write stuff it goes here (unless it’s me rambling in the Lorde Discord or something), so if you for some weird reason want to read everything I put online, you can find it here.

For example, here’s a sampler. If you’re interested in pop, you might like my defense of Halsey. Or, if you’re a big Lorde fan, here’s why Buzzcut Season is about a firebombing. Here’s a breakdown of Pyre’s failings, if you’re as big of a Supergiant Games fan as I am. Oh, and if for some reason you’ve played Life Is Strange, Transistor, Oxenfree, Undertale, and Doki Doki Literature Club, I wrote a behemoth essay talking about them here.

I’m not censoring myself much at all on here, so expect foul language, controversy, and strong opinions. I follow three rules here: sex is stupid, arguments are good, and I am always, always watching for the plot.

Feel free to comment, contact me, or otherwise join in on the conversation, and, as I always say, thank you for reading.